About the Trust


Delta Academies Trust (Delta) is committed to ensuring that pupils and students get the best possible start in life by achieving excellent academic qualifications, gaining confidence through an experiential curriculum and developing a sense of self-worth and aspiration.

The Trust predominantly works in Yorkshire and the Humber and we have a philosophy based on a family of schools. We value both teaching and support staff and believe that everyone is part of the same team. Schools work together and meet regularly to share best practice, ideas and practical support. Over the last two years this approach has delivered a huge increase in staff CPD, morale and student and pupil outcomes have risen dramatically.

Delta is a vibrant and fast paced Trust characterised by strong governance and highly talented leadership across its academies and core team. Delta employ a number of specialist directors who work with our staff to ensure that every child receives the support and encouragement to give them the best possible start in life.

We welcome all children into our academies, we value our staff and invest in their development, and we are fortunate to have excellent support from parents. Our local academy advisory boards (governing bodies) ensure that our communities’ aspirations are reflected in the ethos of our academies.

I am privileged to enjoy the support of talented leaders and staff and welcome others who wish to join our family of schools.

Paul Tarn

Chief Executive Officer


Our family of schools is made up of 51 academies, including 32 primaries, 16 secondaries and three alternative provision. Predominantly based around Yorkshire and the Humber, we meet regularly, share resources and ideas and employ a large team of specialist primary and secondary experts who work and teach across our schools. This approach has given staff great resources and allowed pupils and students to flourish and achieve.  


Our Mission Statement is to improve educational outcomes for communities in the North of England, creating a sustainable organisation that improves our society and the wider environment. This mission statement is underpinned by the following key strategies and core values.


  1. To ensure high quality sustained performance and educational outcomes for all Delta academies.
  2. To operate a financially sustainable organisation, characterised by high value for money.
  3. To collaborate with others to establish a Northern Alliance of powerful MATs and other stakeholders that will transform educational outcomes in the North of England.
  4. To develop high quality education leadership to enhance the capacity to drive improvement.
  5. To train and develop high quality teachers and staff.
  6. To create a generation of young people who are socially and environmentally responsible.
  7. To ensure that young people are confident, employable and have the knowledge and skills to challenge received wisdom.


We will:

  • Place children and students at the heart of everything we do.
  • Place collaboration before competition, working with others for the betterment of all.
  • Develop and support professionals in our own and other academies and schools to establish practice that improves lives.
  • Ensure that all children make good progress irrespective of their starting point and that those young people facing disadvantage are lifted from educational poverty.
  • Never do anything to the detriment of learners, staff or other stakeholders in a neighbouring community.
  • Adhere to the ‘Seven Principles of Public Life’.
  • Promote environmental awareness and protection locally, nationally and globally.


When visitors attend our Academy Network Meetings they often comment about the strong sense of togetherness and mutual support. These meetings are held half-termly for Primary and Secondary Principals, Heads of Academy, Specialist Learning and Subject Directors and the Core Team.  

The Trust is characterised by fast-paced school improvement underpinned by a collegiate sense of care and support. It is not unusual for Principals and staff to visit and work with other academies in the group, outside our normal half-termly network meetings. The abiding philosophy which underpins our approach is that you should never feel on your own and there is a real sense of us being part of one organisation with a common purpose.    

Each year we train approximately 40 student teachers and our CPD programmes invest in our own staff and those from other schools and academies. We value and invest in all our staff and have created innovative progression opportunities across our families of schools for those seeking a greater challenge or wishing to exercise more influence on the development and education of young people.