Originally built in 1640, Dallowgill School was a National Society of the Church of England School. After years of exchanging hands, ownership was officially passed to the Trust in June 2019.

Extensive refurbishment and extension to the site has created an outdoor education centre which will benefit Delta students from every school supporting enrichment across the curriculum, giving students access to nature and learning important life skills.

Alongside schools being encouraged to use the facility for curriculum benefits, Dallowgill also enables students to learn important life skills. Teachers will be able to plan weekend and overnight visits and students will be given the opportunity to cook basic meals, keep areas clean, share an appreciation for nature and share memorable experiences.

The Environmental and Outdoor Education Centre, welcomed past and present members to its Official Opening Ceremony on Wednesday 8th September.

Guests were treated to a tour of the newly developed site, being the first group to see the extensive refurbishments. The centre has been extended and significantly remodelled, with accommodation for extended visits, washrooms, classrooms and a kitchen. Externally, a fire pit has been established, bat boxes installed and there is an outstanding view of the surrounding woodlands. With access to local farms and designated camping areas for astronomy, the centre is the jewel in the crown of Delta’s outdoor education provision.

Guests witnessed the arrival and fitting of Dallowgill’s newly commissioned entrance sign, a large engraved piece of wood, which now sits at the forefront of the building. Delta’s CEO, Paul Tarn, and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Steve Hodsman, were the first to plant trees on site which students and staff will be able to see grow over the years. The trees were donated to Dallowgill by The Woodland Trust, who have partnered with us and will be supporting us in
our environmental efforts.

Groups from Montagu, The Laurel and Weelsby have been the first to utilise Dallowgill in their recent residential experiences. Staff and pupils took part in hikes across the local area, with a stop at Greygarth Monument to witness stunning views. The surrounding forest saw pupils investigating ecosystems, experimenting with water filtration, orienteering, and participating in shelter building competitions. Evenings consisted of stories being told around the fire pit, toasting marshmallows, with the night sky full of stars.