Originally built in 1640, Dallowgill School was a National Society of the Church of England School. After years of exchanging hands, ownership was officially passed to Delta in June 2019, with exciting future plans.

Extensive refurbishment and extension to the site has been granted in order to create an outdoor education centre which will benefit Delta students across every school.

Dallow Gill will be a hub of activity. The facility will be available for use by all Delta schools, supporting enrichment across the curriculum, giving students access to nature and learning important life skills.

Inside the facility, there will be accommodation for extended visits, washrooms, classrooms and a kitchen. Externally, there are plans for a BBQ and a fire pit has been established. With access to local farms and designated camping areas for astronomy, the centre is poised to be the jewel in the crown of Delta’s outdoor education provision.

Alongside schools being encouraged to use the facility for curriculum benefits, Dallowgill will also serve an important purpose for students to learn life skills. Teachers will be able to plan weekend and overnight visits so students can learn how to cook basic meals, keep areas clean, share an appreciation for nature and share memorable experiences.

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All Delta schools use 100% renewable energy, and this facility will be no exception. Plans are in place for:

• A septic tank

• Extraction of water from a borehole, with filtration system

• Full insulation and underfloor heating.

Since the start of 2020, overgrown foliage has been removed from the site, to make way for the extensions on both sides of the original building. Due to the condition of its interior, all walls, floors and ceilings were stripped bare.

Extensive renovation has been completed and the building is nearing completion. We hope to be in a position to invite users from September 2021 (subject to national restrictions).