Easter History Challenge

Easter History Challenge

When was the best time to be alive?

A museum in a shoebox

Your challenge is to make a mini museum exhibition or a piece of art work to show that your chosen time period was the best time to be alive.

You could make an exhibition in an old shoe box or similar but you can ONLY use waste and paper found in the house.

Winning entries will receive Amazon e-gift vouchers! Deadline for entries is 20th April 2020!


  1. Choose a time period: Early Medieval (c.400-1500); Later Medieval (c.1000-c.1500); Renaissance (c.1500-c.1700); Industrial (c.1700-c.1900); Modern (c.1900-2000).
  2. Focus on an event/decade within this time period.
  3. Research that event/decade.
  4. Produce artefacts to go into your museum. Examples:
    1. Mini-paintings/drawings of famous individuals
    2. Scrolls of important documents
    3. Examples of food/drink from the time
    4. Recovered artefacts from the scene of a major event e.g. the arrow that went into Harold Godwinson’s eye at the Battle of Hastings.
  5. Produce a script for a museum curator to deliver when taking people on a tour of your museum
  6. Take photographs of your museum/art work and the script
  7. Tweet photographs your museum/art as you build/make it to @deltatrusthist
  8. Email photographs of your final design to history@deltatrust.org.uk

Here's an example of our design - have fun and good luck!