FSM Mail Merge Advice

Mail Merge User Guide

Free School Meals

 Open the excel document from the file that contains the information you want to pull out

  • Check that the vouchers are allocated to the correct priority (mainly p1) maybe P2 in certain circumstances
  • Copy info onto a new spreadsheet and created the relevant summaries at the top
  • Open word
  • Select ‘Mailings’ from the menu tab at the bottom
  • Select the arrow next to ‘Start Mail Merge’
  • Select ‘Email Messages’
  • Select the spreadsheet with the relevant information on
  • On the Email page, start the mail merge with ‘Dear [INSERT SALUTATION] Please find the link to [INSERT STUDENTS NAME] FSM voucher below. Kind Regards [ACADEMY]
  • Click ‘Finish & Merge’
  • Click ‘Send Email Message’
  • In the ‘To’ box, select the email column
  • Give the email a subject title such as ‘FREE SCHOOL MEAL VOUCHER’
  • Click ‘OK to send’

Please make sure you have the desktop version of outlook open otherwise the emails will not be sent; they will just queue until you open it.

Anywhere you don’t have email addresses will need to be copied individually into a text one at a time asking for an email address to speed it up the following week.


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