Anna Rooney

Anna joined the Trust in 2016 after an extensive career in education. Anna is a qualified teacher of French & Russian (GCSE & A level) and has covered a varied range of roles during her employment. Anna's first taste of middle leadership came with Head of MFL, before she took on Senior Leadership as Assistant Principal and Director of Science in a Barnsley school. 

Anna is a trained SENCO and Advanced Skills teacher. She has spent a significant amount of time in Senior Leadership positions, leading on curriculum and standards across schools and Trusts. 

Anna has BA (Hons) in French and Russian and holds the NPQH. 

On an average day, if there is such a thing, Anna arrives at 7.15am where she has an open door policy for staff to drop in if they want to chat anything through with her. At 7.55am Anna goes to the 'blue line' to greet students arriving for school each morning; Anna is sure to make sure that all students are prepared and ready for the day before walking the corridors, dropping into lessons to make sure that students are on task and teachers feel supported. Anna continues this throughout the day in-between break and lunch duties. At 2.25pm its back to the blue line as students exit, checking planners and checking what kind of day they have had. Intervention starts straight after school so Anna walks round intervention lessons and enrichment clubs to see what's happening and if any support is required, giving praise to students and staff. After school meetings include RAG, SLT, staff CPD and 'back to work' meetings, checking that staff are OK and that the academy day has run as smoothly as possible. 

Throughout the day Anna might have visits from the core team such as planning meetings; there is currently a lot of investment into improving site facilities. Other days Anna may be offsite attending network meetings although when possible, she prefers to be in school ensuring that her students are doing OK.

Outside of work, Anna likes to travel (mostly abroad), loves to read and finds spending time tending to her garden relaxing. 

When asked 'Why Delta?' Anna said that she applied to be a Principal with Delta because she wanted to make a difference to a school in a challenging community and provide children with opportunities which otherwise may not be available to them.