Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca joined Delta in 2011 as an Assistant Principal with an English specialism and now leads our only through school, Serlby Park Academy. 

After leaving school and working in a printing company, Rebecca took some time away from work to raise her family before going back into education later in life only to discover her passion for English. Rebecca has been a teacher of English, Head of English (even Head of English and Maths combined for a while) before taking up senior leadership posts in other schools. Rebecca then took up post in Serlby Park Academy and more recently, has lead the school as Principal. 

Rebecca's degree is in English Language and she also has a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Nottingham.

There's no such thing as an average day for Rebecca; whether its meeting students on the gate, to visiting lessons to make sure students are on track, to supporting teachers, meeting with parents or leading meetings and CPD, no two days are ever the same. 

Outside of work, Rebecca loves to spend time with her family, to travel and to read - the usual things. She is an animal lover and has a number of pets; cats, dogs and chickens! She recently tried fostering animals and fostered a dog who had a tough start to life but that didn't work as planned and she's ended up adopting him! 

Being outdoors is important to Rebecca and she enjoys growing her own fruit and veg. She reckons it tastes so much better when it's grown from your own garden.

When asked "Why Delta?" Rebecca says:

The vision – changing lives! That is why I came into education in the first place. Having returned to education later in life, I know personally the impact education can have on a person’s life. Education certainly changed my life.

What I really like about being part of a trust is the team approach, always knowing there is support there if needed. The opportunities for share ideas and best practice is also something I value alongside the outstanding CPD.