The Dallowgill Project

An Introduction

Mexborough Academy (now known as The Laurel Academy) joined the Trust in November 2018. The school had previously been gifted a small outdoor centre in the 1970’s in the Yorkshire Dales and in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). 

The building had not been used as an outdoor pursuits centre for some time and had fallen into a state of disrepair. Delta took the decision to redevelop the centre and, when complete, reopen once again to be used as originally designed, but better!  The centre has been extended and significantly remodelled.  The Trust intend that this will provide all children with a residential experience at our bespoke environmental and activity centre.  The local farmers have offered to support us and have agreed access to the farms and Yorkshire Water have agreed to allow us use of land adjacent to the centre for parking and camping.

The project is fully funded by Delta and the remodelling and extension represents a £1.5m investment for the benefit of some of the most disadvantaged children and communities within the Trust. The centre will open in May 2021.

Visit our website here: deltadallowgill.org.uk