Delta Academies Trust Continues Strong Track Record of School Transformations

Delta Academies Trust is celebrating the successful GCSE results of thousands of their students across the North of England today.


Students from the trust’s 16 secondary schools opened their results this morning, with major successes across the schools, many of which were long-term under-performing before joining Delta.


Delta has always strived to take on some of the most difficult schools in the country to turn them around and transform the life chances of every one of their students. The trust as a whole has a positive progress score (adding on average more than a quarter of a grade per subject for each GCSE student), while nearly 70% of students today achieved a Grade 4 or better in both English and Maths, and nearly half achieved at least a Grade 5, or “strong pass”, in both subjects.


The results include the following:


  • Manor Croft Academy, in Dewsbury, which has undergone a dramatic transformation since joining the Trust three years ago.
    • Results have gone from consistently poor to being among the best in the country. It is now adding well over half a grade per subject per pupil – almost a whole grade better per subject per pupil than three years ago – with over half of pupils now achieving at least a strong pass (a Grade 5 or better) in English and in maths.
    • Some 40% of pupils at Manor Croft Academy are on free school meals (compared to the national average of 28%) and they have also performed very well, with their maths grades on average two-thirds better per pupil than had been predicted when they joined the school five years ago.


  • Goole Academy, in Goole, only joined the trust in mid-2018 after it was consistently below average under its previous sponsor.
    • Students today achieved on average half a grade more per subject compared to last year.
    • The school has done especially well in helping to improve opportunities for the most disadvantaged students, with an increase of 30 percentage points in the proportion of students on free school meals achieving at either Grade 4 or better or Grade 5 or better.


  • Darton Academy, in Barnsley, then known as Darton College, was put into Special Measures by Ofsted in 2017 before it was taken over by Delta in mid-2018.
    • The school has today achieved a massively positive Progress 8 result, with students attaining over half a grade better per subject.
    • Over half of students (55%) achieved a strong pass of Grade 5 or better in English and Maths, with 73% achieving a pass of Grade 4 or better.


The trust’s success in making significant improvements happen in such challenging schools has garnered praise from Schools Minister Lord Agnew today.


Lord Agnew said:


“Today marks the culmination of much hard work from students and teachers alike, and I want to congratulate all those involved in the exceptional results, and the wider team at Delta Academies Trust. GCSE results can be the springboard for a whole career, so whether young people choose further study through A levels, an apprenticeship or a vocational qualification, they should be full of excitement about the next stage in their lives.”


Paul Tarn, Chief Executive of Delta Academies Trust, said:


“We are delighted with the progress being made in our schools and these fantastic results today. We have the highest expectations for what children can achieve and back this up with strong leadership, excellent teaching and support for all pupils. It’s our job to make sure children are getting the education they deserve so they can take advantage of every opportunity they can. All our students and staff should be very proud of themselves. I look forward to seeing all of our academies going from strength to strength.”