Ash Hill students shine at Delta STEM Challenge Day

Mrs Sandra Fotheringham, Year 9 LearningManager writes:

"Today I had the pleasure of taking seven fantastic Year 9 students to Don Valley Academy for a STEM Challenge Day, in competition with three other Delta Academies: Darton, Don Valley and De Lacy.

The first part of the day was a series of "Whodunnit?" tasks, in which students had to use their powers of deduction to solve riddles.

In part two of the day, the students worked with the Army on three different tasks in groups made up of students from all four academies.  The students had to complete the tasks in certain timeframes and work together as a group, whilst staff looked at which students were displaying leadership skills and qualities.

Prizes were to be awarded to the person who stood out and made the team work together; Ash Hill's Ender Elik won one of the them.

Well done to all the students; they showed just how brilliant Ash Hill Academy students are!"