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Early Career Teachers

We are delighted to partner with UCL Institute of Education offering a robust professional learning and development pathway for early career teachers and mentors in Barnsley, Doncaster, Selby and Wakefield.

Their Full Induction Programme is free for schools and attracts additional funding to release mentors for training, above the £2,100 funding. UCL Institute worked highly successfully on the Early Rollout of the Early Careers Framework (ECF), ensuring their ECF resources have been tried and tested in schools.

Our strategic partner, Doncaster Research School, contributed to the design and delivery of the programme, which means that all schools will benefit from their considerable learning and expertise, along with the substantial experience of ECF early roll out and expansion across our Hub consortia.

What is Early Careers Framework?

From September 2021, all Early Career Teachers (ECTs) are entitled to a two-year Early Career Framework (ECF) induction providing a statutory two-year development programme for early career teachers and their mentors.

This fully funded package builds on and complements ITT, exemplifying what all early career teachers should be entitled to learn about, and learn how to do, in the critical first years of their careers. The programme is based on expert guidance and the best available research evidence, produced as part of the government’s teacher recruitment and retention strategy.

Wakefield & Selby and Barnsley & Doncaster Hubs will deliver UCL’s Full Induction Programme (FIP) to ECTs and Mentors in our partner schools and beyond.

Benefits of your local Teaching School Hub’s FREE ECF Full Induction Programme with UCL

  • Annual induction and learning conferences for Induction Tutors, Mentors and ECTs
  • Induction session for ECF Leads (Induction Tutors) – 30th June (16:00 to 17:00)
  • Half-termly online learning communities for ECTs (termly for Mentors)
  • Structured self-study sessions for ECTs: 22 hrs in year 1; 5 hrs in year 2
  • Self-directed learning materials to develop mentors as experts in both mentoring and the content of the Early Career Framework
  • Half-termly face-to-face training for ECTs, led by expert facilitators
  • Structured ECT mentor meetings focused on the content of the Early Career Framework and targeted at ECT development needs: 39 hrs in year 1; 20 hrs in year 2
  • Access to UCLeXtend online learning platform
  • Early Career Leaders assigned to support each school
  • Considerable learning from the early roll out and expansion of the ECF

You can also choose our Appropriate Body service for statutory assessment of your ECT’s 2-year induction for a joined-up approach.

How To Register

There is a new process of gathering key information from schools for accessing and delivering the Early Career Framework. Please follow these steps once you have appointed at least one Early Career Teacher:

  1. Register on DfE portal by selecting the ‘Approved Training Provider’ option.

The Department of Education are currently contacting all schools requesting their registration on the DfE Online Teacher CPD Service platform and selection of their chosen delivery pathway for the ECF Programme. If your school has not already registered, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. The invitation will have been sent to the email address(es) registered against the school in GIAS (Get Information About Schools). This is usually an office@, admin@ or head@ email address.

At this stage it is not possible to select the name of the provider you wish to work with. This process is handled separately once we receive your confirmation which will be communicated to both UCL Institute of Education and the DfE. The DfE platform will then be updated to show you have selected UCL as your provider. In due course, schools will be asked to update the system with the names of Early Career Teachers and their mentors.

3. We will then email you to collect details of the mentors and ECTs that you would like to onboard.

Read more about our ECF Induction Programme below, with further information and key dates. >

Appropriate Body Services

All schools offering statutory induction are required to have an appropriate body for their early career teachers (ECTs).
We are passionate about providing a high-quality, transparent service to meet the needs of all schools in our region.

We will:

  • Register ECTs with the Teacher Regulation Agency (TRA).
  • Provide access to ECT Manager, our electronic system which reduces administration for schools and ECTs.
  • Offer welcome events for ECTs to share vital information around processes, roles and responsibilities.
  • Provide training and telephone support for mentors, induction tutors and headteachers, including schools who may have concerns over the progress of their ECTs.
  • A personalised service with a named point of contact for your ECTs and mentors.
  • Ensure ECTs are fairly and regularly assessed through the sampling and monitoring of progress reviews and formal assessments at the end of year 1 and 2.
  • Facilitate additional support for ECTs not meeting Teacher/Induction Standards, drawing upon the expertise and experience of colleagues working across the full range of phases, specialisms and settings.
  • Where required, undertake additional fidelity and induction checks of the Early Career Framework based programme in line with the statutory guidance for schools not opting for the Full Induction programme.

Our Teaching School Hubs recommend that schools opt for our Early Career Framework (ECF) Full Induction Programme, offered in partnership with UCL*, for a seamless ECF/AB service and experience. Access to ECT and mentor engagement data will minimise the need for additional fidelity and induction checks, enabling us to provide a cost-effective service with the confidence that each ECT is enjoying high-quality professional development throughout their induction period. We are committed to ensuring value for money and not charging more than the cost of providing this service: therefore, pricing for this service will be reviewed annually.

*A thorough due diligence process was conducted by representatives from each Hub area to arrive unanimously at the decision to appoint UCL as the Lead Provider of ECF in Barnsley, Doncaster, Selby and Wakefield. For more information about our Full Induction Programme with UCL, please contact Helen Wriglesworth, Associate Director of ITT and Early Careers, by emailing Helen.Wriglesworth@deltatrust.org.uk.
Please contact Kelly Cartwright for further information about our appropriate body services at Kelly.Cartwright@deltatrust.org. or telephone 07970 885645.

Read more about our Appropriate Body Services, with a full breakdown on Induction Programme options. >

For further information about UCL as our Lead Provider for ECF: