Chris Mitchell

Director of Education - Secondaries

Chris joined Delta (then SPTA) as an Academy Improvement Officer, working across several academies to implement and maintain systems and structures and develop school improvement. Chris successfully moved into a Regional Director role supporting both primary and secondary before his focus switched back to secondary, becoming Deputy CEO in this area.

Chris now supports multiple schools across the Trust and works closely with the CEO to support other Multi Academy Trusts in their own development. His main areas of focus are Curriculum Led Financial Planning (CLFP) linked to budgets, school improvement, developing and implementing leadership structures and maintaining relationships with our unions through Joint National Consultations (JNCs).

Of all the roles Chris has fulfilled in his career, he is enjoying his role now the most due to variety of tasks he gets involved in. Chris feels very passionate about what he does and can see the difference the Trust are making in improving the life chances of pupils. Chris genuinely believes that had he not had first-hand experience in multiple front facing roles within the coal mining industry, he would not have had the life experience which in turn shaped his future in education.

The fact that such a transformational change has happened across our secondary estate over the past 5 years is something to be immensely proud of and it is all down to the people we work with.

Ask Chris about the CLFP, curriculum and timetabling.

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