Benefits of Joining a Trust

Thinking of joining a Trust?

The benefits of joining Delta Academies Trust:

  • Strong Leadership: We work together to combine our knowledge and planning abilities to work on challenges and solutions together; everyone has a voice
  • Strategic Management: We draw on each other’s’ vast experience to formulate and mobilise strategic approaches
  • Shared Staffing: Our colleagues work across multiple sites, sharing ideas and reactively developing our teaching methods
  • Specialist Resources: We work together to develop the best curriculum possible, ensuring that we have the skills and resources to deliver across the trust; our innovative curriculum is constantly evolving with fantastic resources available to enhance student learning
  • Professional Development: We have a fantastic CPD programme providing inspired learning to all colleagues; regular networking events and conferences ensure that we remain cohesive and at the top of our game
  • Economies of Scale: We can purchase as a whole, achieving effective economies of scale, driving down prices and allowing those savings to be redirected back into teaching.

Thinking of joining a Trust and want to know the next steps, or just interested in having an informal chat about what joining our Trust would mean to you?

Contact us via telephone on 0345 196 0033 or email Gemma Scothern, Director of Operations