Leeds Rhinos Foundation Talks Inclusivity with East Garforth

Leeds Rhinos Foundation recently visited East Garforth Primary Academy for their 55th inclusivity assembly. Gareth Cook, of Leeds Rhinos, discussed the different teams they have for people with independent needs such as physical disabilities, learning disabilities and wheelchair users and the importance of including everyone despite their differences.

Gareth Cook visited our East Garforth students to teach them about the importance of inclusivity.

Here’s what some of our students had to say:

Being respectful and teamwork and inclusion is important to other people

Zachary – Student at East Garforth Primary Academy

Everyone was included, even the staff, and everyone learned something but also had fun at the same time

Charlotte – Student at East Garforth Primary Academy

It makes me feel happy because people actually care about being included

Ethan – Student at East Garforth Primary Academy

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